Sort of Indian cake.. เค้กช็อคฯ+ยี่หร่า ฮัชช่าๆ แขกมาละเหวย

At the lobby hotel, awaiting for meeting…what else can we do? Find something to put in your mouth! ( Otherwise, the hotel staff will look at you again and again when your table is still empty 😉 

Taaa daaa..there was a piece of chocolate cake. Looks nice and should not be too sweet. 

Even though I have been warned about the touch of Cumin seeds and usually people dislike it…however I think it could be interesting to try! 

Oh yes, very Indian! I have only try cumin in meals / hot Indian soup but this is not a like! 

Chocolate cake + cumin? = I can handle only half ! Hahaha

Good to try! If not, you will always wonder what it will be like. Just like many other things in life. But try it wisely.

And we DO NOT have have to try everything. Be wise, friends 😉 


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