Market = my museum

สำหรับฉัน .. ตลาดก็คือพิพิธภัณฑ์แห่งชีวิต
เหตุเกิด ณ แบร์ลิน (เมืองเบอร์ลิน)
Once in Berlin, I was laughing out and given a look-down face from non-local Deutsche grocery store cashier lady.

Saids her; Das ist komisch ! (That’s really fuuny)
That was when I took photos of her goods on hidden tiny shelves around.

It bothered her and seemed I was just out from the jungle in her eyes.
Though, for me.. yes it’s ‘funny’ but in a very positive way. Market is a place you find “life” of human, the world and how we all really live !

Thus, don’t let people judge you and the way you are. As long as you’ve never cause anyone’s troubles, then . . .

Enjoy !


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